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International Year of Glass

Creation of the Rondot Prize on the occasion of the Year of Glass.

The United Nations has declared 2022

The International Year of Glass will highlight the role of glass in the scientific, economic, artistic and cultural fields. Glass is essential to many vital technologies, facilitates the transition to a more sustainable world and beautifies our lives. This unique and historic year will see numerous events in 90 countries on 5 continents.

Group Rondot partner of the Mirabilia Lyon exhibition, 1st edition

This sphere symbolises the Rondot Group and its shared values.

The Rondot Group identifies with this sphere because we find our values in it

First of all because it represents a noble material for which we work.

It was made by the hands of a Master glassmaker who, with his unique know-how, was able to create a full, perfectly round and flawless piece.

This sphere can roll in all directions, adapting to all the natures of its path. It is its life, its path.

When it is placed on its silver ring it finds a great stability while keeping its elegance and its harmony. The light brings it to life and allows it to constantly have a new physiognomy.

The Rondot Group likes to identify itself with this crystal ball, it has become the symbol of the Rondot Group...

Download • 1.95MB

The prize is awarded by the Rondot company to Théo Beaumont. Congratulations to him.

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