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Paulina Fuentes-Valenzuela

In charge or artistic photography

After a degree in illustration, I discovered photography which immediately appeared to me as adequate for my ideas and my work. I then decided to learn the technique. In 2008, I joined the Magenta workshop with Dominique Sudre where he introduced me to his family know-how. From then on, I became passionate about the silver process, its magic, the sensory contact and the artisanal work that it requires. For a few years, I have been opening up to color and digital, which plunge me into a less instinctive and more intellectual relationship with the composition. I remain faithful to the film practice, to the need to make images that welcome each moment. Today, I am happy to join Mirabilia Lyon and to contribute to the promotion of contemporary photography. Indeed, for the last two years, this practice knows a real worldwide craze. That's why we want to offer a real showcase to photographers who can prove their plastic work and professional activity.

paulina fuentes valenzuela
Antoine Haulotte

Antoine Haulotte

Financial manager

Coming from a rather heterogeneous family, Industrialists on one side, and Teachers on the other, my parents raised my 3 sisters and me in an atmosphere impregnated with culture and references to the Fine Arts: writing, music, painting... The true meaning of human actions seemed to be able to reside only in this type of activities, all the rest being only "material contingencies...".

In spite of this "original bath", and after a scientific curriculum at the University where I was destined to research the Physics of Matter, the hazards of life led me to join a company with a worldwide scope, and in which the numerous opportunities that were offered to me, allowed me to enrich a career of nearly 30 years in operational, marketing and commercial functions.

But although this career path left little room for leisure, and true to the family culture of my childhood and its aspirations towards the artistic world, I naturally began during my free time to confront myself with the exercise of Painting. It was a real encounter with the elements, with "Matter" (surprisingly the subject of my science studies...), with the odors of oil and turpentine, with an inner alchemy rich in sensations and amazement.

I met Françoise and Pierre by other means, but we spoke the same language in this sharing of artistic experience. A friendship of 25 years was built then, and when Françoise spoke to me about the Mirabilia project, Lyon I did not hesitate to accept the functions of treasurer and to put my skills acquired during my professional life at the service of the association.


Vincent Breed

In charge of glasswork

"The object identical to itself remains without reality." Hans Bellmer 

The era celebrates and links vision and knowledge, permanent and confused continuity between the reality of the subject or object, its perception and representation.

Trained at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg, Vincent Breed approaches glass as a medium of plastic expression for a permanent questioning of reality. He explores and shows how confused our only visual criteria for understanding are.
The transparency, the reflection and their visual deposits offer to the forms the same freedom as the poetry to the language and delegate to the viewer a part of the construction of the meaning. It is a question of implementing, by organizing them, the games of chance and thus offering to the form its infinite potential of confusions and critical revaluation.

His work has been exhibited or installed at the Design Center New York, Phoenicia Hotel BEIRUT, Millionar Fair MOSCOW, Murano Hotel PARIS, Maya Bay MONTE-CARLO, Residence Bel-Air HONG KONG, One Pacific Heights HONG KONG, SHANGHAI Art Fair, HONG KONG Art Fair, Art Beatus Gallery HONG KONG, Museum of Glass MURANO, Museum of Art and Sculpture QINGDAO (China)...

The Musée des arts décoratifs in Paris, the Musée du verre de Sars-Poterie, as well as the MUDAC in Lausanne have acquired a work for their permanent collection.

The monumental sculpture "Faithfood, or the Uses of the World" was created for and in the image of the Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie in Lyon.


Jean Pierre Evrard

vincent breed

@ Christophe Pouget

Francoise Souchaud

Françoise Souchaud


I was born in Lyon into a modest family of five brothers and sisters! Our parents liked to make us discover the quality of beautiful objects, music, and the Musée des Beaux Arts which was the only place in Lyon where you could discover art and history.

A BTS in marketing and sales, to ensure the daily life, but in parallel, painting, sculpture, art in general were at the center of my curiosity. At sixteen, after school and on weekends, I worked at odd jobs to buy my first paintings, which I still own.

For 25 years, with my husband Pierre Souchaud, I have devoted myself to discovering exceptional creations. We have made demanding choices, which have given a certain impetus and a real legitimacy to our approach. I have directed several galleries and more recently, I have organized thematic exhibitions in prestigious places, such as "Origin" at the Caverne du Pont d'Arc in Ardèche, or "Pure" at the Chapel of Ile Barbe in Lyon, at the Museum and Archaeological Center of Bibracte.

Today, to bring these works to light, to promote these artists and art workshops of great lineage, our approach is to expose their works, to initiate new relationships between artists and amateurs, by creating a new model as Mirabilia Lyon economic, dynamic and human, so that this creation is forever synonymous with talent.


Sabine Feliciano

In charge of textiles

I was born in Paris, after several moves we settled in 2009 in St Etienne. The attraction of textiles has always been present but other choices have presented themselves. Three years of business school to go to a school of art and visual communication in Paris. Two years in a trend studio then fifteen years of art direction in advertising, publishing and art books. As a trained DA, I mix my passion for graphic design with my fascination for textiles. Throughout my childhood I admired the "ouvrages de dames". My grandmother, Petite Main at Balenciaga made models in the 30's, keeping precious fabrics, combining textile materials, crocheted or with lace. She worked with precision on models of great technicality, unique pieces full of history. On my side, since my young age I learned to give my first needle strokes embroidering with two colored threads floral patterns on cushions. I never stopped. For more than 10 years, beautiful encounters have punctuated my textile journey and have allowed me to learn and discover other techniques sharing different universes and know-how. I am very proud to be in charge of the textile pole of Mirabilia Lyon and to be able to put forward a medium so little exposed in France.

sabine feliciano

Ceramics cluster

In charge of ceramics

The ceramics cluster is active and current. Waiting for the nomination of a new person in charge is in progress.

Contact for the moment > Françoise Souchaud 

pôle céramiqmue

Pierre Souchaud

Art editor and text writer

Pierre Souchaud was born on July 16, 1938 in Bezons (95). Lives and works in Lyon since 1996. Math and science teacher for the French National Education until 1976. Starts to paint in 1960. Numerous personal exhibitions (Galerie La Roue-Paris) and collective (including Biennale de Paris in 1967, Réalités Nouvelles 1971-72). Purchases of the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris and the Museum of Fine Arts of Bordeaux. Figure in many private collections: Max Théret (Founder of the FNAC), Samuel Becket, Max Gallo, Marc Moyens. Created in 1981 the magazine Artension which he directed in Poitiers from 1981 to 1986, then in Rouen from 1987 to 1992, and in Lyon from 2001 to 2009. He sold the magazine in 2009. Apart from his activity as a painter, he has written hundreds of texts and exhibition prefaces for artists. He is also the author of numerous texts of analysis and reflection on contemporary art published in various newspapers, blogs and magazines.

pierre souchaud
Frédéric Bérad

Frédéric Bérard

In charge of secretary general

I was born in Valencia at the beginning of the 60's in a family essentially composed of entrepreneurs and lawyers, but with a painter aunt who knew very early how to open us, my sister and me, to the artistic universe.
My sister followed the latter path with talent and success
I followed the business path, devoting most of my life to commerce and the management of small and medium-sized businesses.
More or less consciously, at the end of the 80's, I got closer to a large universe related to the artistic creation (at least in the expression): the design... A universe that I never left, until...
Involved in a few associations promoting the arts in which I could exchange passionately with many artists, I was offered in 2016 the opportunity to take over with my sister and some artist friends a small art gallery in Lyon.
I decided "sine die" to take a break from business management in order to devote my administrative, financial and IT know-how to the service of artistic creation. And as I became more involved in more or less important associations, what had to happen happened: I very quickly crossed paths with the one who became in many ways my mentor, Françoise Souchaud... The break became permanent. And here I am at the service of this beautiful project that is Mirabilia Lyon.


Nathalie Toczé

reception and organization

As far back as I can remember, my interest in the sensory, music, light and materials has never waned.


First the eye, with the intense memory of primary colors, architectures and crafts in Sub-Saharan Africa, in early childhood. A first stint at the Plastic Arts school in Paris, then later a professional career in aviation allowed me to meet other cultures around the world, push the doors of houses and museums. While discovering new horizons, I understood that what constituted the culture of a people, whether it was elitist or popular, its style of humor, the music of its language as well as its culinary tastes.... all this contributed to its aesthetic sense and nourished its own signature.

My experience as a hostess and Head Cabin Attendant taught me the richness of teamwork, the taste for commitment, personal involvement in the heart of a collective, all in the service of excellence and the public.

My return to the benches of an art market school,
my activity of promotion of artists, then the meeting of Françoise and Pierre Souchaud bring me now towards new human and intellectual adventures.

With Michèle Noble, I am very happy to implement the Welcome Center for MIRABILIA, this new journey born under beautiful stars.

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Nathalie Toczé
Nathalie toczé

Michèle Noble

reception and organization

I was born in Lyon and have never lived anywhere else despite numerous trips around the world that have allowed me to discover other populations, other worlds, other forms of artistic expression.
Travelling is therefore very important to me.
My natural curiosity has always pushed me to be interested in all forms of art.
As General Delegate of a Club of Business Leaders, Le Prisme, I was able to rub shoulders with many personalities in the economic, writing, political and artistic fields. My mission also consisted in organizing trips for the members of this Club, and the preliminary scouting for these professional trips allowed me to make new encounters and discoveries that fascinated me.
So organizing, discovering, learning are I think the points that define me.
It is thus quite naturally that I accepted to join Mirabilia Lyon, because my professional experience allows me to bring a real support through an ambitious project which puts in light to all the art workshops and the very high level photography.

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Ancre 1

Michel Ogier

sponsorship division

Contacted by Françoise Souchaud whom I have known for more than twenty years, I immediately decided to invest myself in the Mirabilia Lyon project.

Considering my former job: chartered accountant, I dedicate myself within the association to the search for patrons in order to finance the distribution and communication supports and other necessities.

At the same time, I have been collecting for more than thirty years about fifty young artists, some of whom are not quite young anymore.

For a long time, I asked myself a question that worried me: what could be the difference between a young Craftsman and a young Artist? It is not thicker than a sheet of cigarette paper. I have met young Craftsmen who, out of modesty, did not present themselves as young Artists! and yet their creative faculty made them creators in their own right. Finally, there is only one thing that counts, it is the emotion aroused by the works, by the meetings that I like in different universes; emotion of Artists or Craftsmen, it does not matter! "France has an incredible talent", the only television show to highlight all forms of art with the sole aim of finding the incredible talent of the year, according to Karine Le Marchand.

Have I found the patrons?

Have you found the work of art that could be the first piece in a collection? You have the incredible luck to have 43 artists at your disposal during this biennial. I am sure that you will all leave with a work of art that will give you a personal emotion every day!

I am sure that this first biennial event of the Arts of the hand and photography is the first stone of an indispensable event in Lyon, which will complete the already existing biennials. Our territories are home to wonderful talents.

Long live the Republic of Art,

long live the France of Art,

long live Mirabilia Lyon.

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Michel Ogier
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