Mirabilia Lyon, a history, a passion... thanks to our donors / Following the crowdfunding

Indispensable to knowledge - to feel, look, understand and love the world. 


To accompany also the right return in this 21st century, of the great craftsmen of art, who quite naturally and since the mists of time, transform and reinvent unceasingly their practice in the valorization and the sublimation of old and new materials: papers, recycled metals, ground and clay, straw, silk, hemp, fabrics, industrial waste, etc... As to celebrate a communion with nature, the permanence of the timeless values, which inspire the talent of the man and which make this "beauty" protective of the House - Earth. 

The "plastic" photography, occupies a very particular place, because it also sublimates the material reality of what is given to see. 

Françoise Souchaud
Mirabilia Lyon Chairwoman

During 2019, the desire to develop an event around the art workshops, imposed itself.

The epidemic and the confinement allowed me to go to the end of this project by surrounding me with motivated accomplices. We decided to do a crowdfunding to start the financing.


Many of you encouraged us with your donations and we sincerely thank you. Today, the salon is coming to life and we are inaugurating on April 28, 2022, and quite naturally, you are joining the founders of this beautiful adventure.

Revealing the sumptuousness of what art studios and photographic studios offer us today in all their diversity is the purpose of this first biennial event, which aims to highlight the virtue of all these skills...   



Julie Sarloutte

Emmanuelle Gautier

Céline Carette-Castrichini

Christine Clessi

Catherine de Rigaud

Raphaelle Jouffroy
Aline Garcin
Stephanie Richard
Frederic Jean
Daniel Piperno
Jocelyne Besson Girard
Muriel Crespin
Bénédicte  Sacha Vallet
Sophie Guilon

Pascal Luciani
Maurice Stein
Pierre Ronjon
Michel Riera
Laurence Vital Durand 
Odile Mandrette
Ioannis Markantonakis
Géraldine Janody
Danielle Pichot
Sophie Guillon
Isabelle Baeckeroot
Michèle Noble
Valerie Filhol
Isabelle Treton
Pascal Guitton
Franck Vauthier
Vincent Auchane
Frederic Berard
Jean-Michel Chanteux
Gilles Corbi
Françoise Souchaud
Florence Corbi
Mme Mehentel Cukier
François Grand
Christine Viennet
Maurice Sage
Maguy Bianzina
Nicole Rivière

Michel Ogier

Anne-Marie Franques

Amélie Bichat
Svetlana Arefiev
Stéphanie Valle
Aude de Laforcade
Dr Nader Vaziri 
Gilbert Houbre
Victor Wajnberg
Jean Cramoisan
Fabre Christine 
Martine Bligny
Delphine Roche
Christiane Chiavazza
Emmanuelle Gaide
Stéphane Gandreau
Eric Jacquet
Christian Noorbergen
Jean René Berlioz
David Guinberteau
Nathalie Toczé
Vincent Besse
Florence Lemoine

Fabrice Andreo
Rieja van Aart
Khedidja Harzallah
Vivian Crettol
Thierry Mouillac
Quentin Bourguignon
Estelle Grandidier
Paulina Dailly
Marc Dailly
Dominique Sciacca
Jean Louis Bessede
Camille Laplume
Catherine Aubonnet
Blandine Goin
Isabelle Martinelli
Joseph Ciesla
Henry-Pierre Quiney
Jean-Louis Guichard
Hélène Jospe
Sabine Feliciano
William Velasquez

Philippe Ribaud