mirabilia Lyon
Mirabilia Lyon

La matière émerveillée

Scène des métiers de l’excellence

BIENNIAL ART FAIR to 28th april from 1st may 2022

The Lyon Mirabilia Art Fair, a new scene of artistic excellence in arts and crafts,
decorative arts and artistic photography

Tissu d'or


10th sept  to january 10th 2022

Opening of the candidacy participation file 

before January 30, 2022

Answer of the jury

avril 28th to mai 1st 2022

Biennial Art Fair Mirabilia Lyon  / Salon palais Bondy Lyon

April 28, 2022

Opening of the Mirabilia Lyon fair / April 28th at 12:am

Vernissage  / April 28th from 7: p.m. to 10 :p.m.

Mirabilia Lyon
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GENESIS, the start of the  project

We have initiated Mirabilia Lyon to reveal the value of the art pieces by the means of a large art fair, to show the beauty and variety of present-day art production, born from the intelligence of the hand as well as from the skills and emotional contents. We also hope to restore this mysterious urge emerging from heart and mind, which feeds artistic features and makes light spring up suddenly out of matter as well as pleasure to be shared by all.

Mirabilia Lyon means to be a «manifesto» for art as a superior expression of human mind and emotions. Mirabilia Lyon will also be, by its roots in local life,and its national and regional openings , a chance to boost the artistic scene in Lyon and an major element to rebuild the regional artistic life.




 is the result of a collective brainstorming between the founding members elected to the Board of Directors, all of them volunteeers and enchanted by today’s luxuriant artistic creativity.

We would like to gather art lovers around this small circle of volunters, passionately fond of «sustainable» beauty. They will have a chance to express their complicity and their support thanks to the crowdfunding system we have set up.


The first exhibition of the biennial Art Fair is to open from April 28th to May 1st 2022. It will offer the artists the opportunity to sell their works to a large public. All types of art pieces will be on show such as ceramics, textiles, photography, wickerwork, inlaid pieces and unique pieces of jewelry.

Françoise Souchaud

escalier palais de bondy.jpeg

Palais de Bondy, Lyon

Mirabilia Lyon


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